Plenary talk

Plenary Talks

(10 plenary talks will be arranged, the determined ones are listed as follows in the alphabetical order)


Professor N. Balakrishnan (Canada, McMaster University)

Talk TitleReliability Modelling and Assessment of a Heterogeneously Repaired System with Partially Relevant Recurrence Data


Professor Mark Brown (USA, Columbia University)

Talk Title: Approximations with Error Bounds in Applied Probability Models: Exponential and Geometric Approximations


Professor Yanfu Li (China, Tsinghua University)

Talk Title: RAMS Optimization


Professor Nikolaos Limnios (France, Université de Technologie de Compiègne)

Talk Title: Interval Reliability and Related Measures: Modeling and Estimation


Professor Anatoly Lisnianski (Israel, The Israel Electric Corporation Ltd.,)

Talk TitleDynamic Reliability Analysis for Multi-state Systems. Challenge for Researchers and Practitioners

Professor Yu Liu (China,University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)

Talk TitleSelective Maintenance Strategy under Uncertainty


Professor Jin Wang (UK, Liverpool John Moores University)

Talk Title: An evidential reasoning approach for safety and reliability management of large engineering systems under uncertainties


Dr. Zhisheng Ye (Singapore, National University of Singapore)

Talk Title: Degradation in Common Dynamic Environments


Professor Won Young Yun (Korea, Pusan National University)

Talk Title: Inspection Optimization Problems in One-shot Systems


Professor Xian Zhao (China, Beijing Institute of Technology)

Talk Title: Finite Markov Chain Imbedding Aproach and Its Application in Reliability